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The Winery:

Colombaia is not just a vineyard but an entire ecosystem consisting of grapes, animals, vegetables and fruits all living in symbiosis and feeding into each other. Colombaia means ‘dovecote’ and this is a distinguishing feature of the 16th century farmhouse whose estate sits 220 metres up on the Colle Val d’Elsa. The vines grow on clay soil rich in entire ancient fossils just 60km from the sea.


The microclimate is also very special, the vineyard receives the sea breeze every late afternoon which gives freshness to the soil, to the wine and some notes of salt which enriches the flavours. 

Each year, the vinification adapts in respect to the vintage. However, some things are constants: spontaneous fermentation using indigenous yeasts, no fining, no filtering, no additives.


Each year, as the impact of weather changes the ratio of the grapes, so does the label – the colour of the label represents the colour of the vintage.

For all the wines:

  • Appellation Tuscany IGT

  • Organic, Biodynamic certified Demeter

  • Vegan

  • Wines are vinified from the 2 parcels separately: the Vigna Vecchia which is 50 years old & the Vigna Nuova which is 15 year old.

*All grapes are handpicked with care, then destemmed, transferred in a tank for maceration (10 days minimum), pressed to extract the juice and then transferred to tanks for fermentation. The fermentation occurs spontaneously with the indigenous yeasts that are present on the skin of the grape, the indigenous yeasts will then convert all of the sugar into ethanol and thus, that is how a cuvée of natural wine is born!

Nothing is added at any point of the process. It’s wine made of grapes only.


Photos were taken by Adrien Golinelli exclusively for La Pépite. All rights reserved ©.

Colombaia Wines:

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